City of Birches: Umeå.

In Norrland Sweden, Umeå is a bustling student/family city situated on the Ume River and is located 400km south of the Arctic circle and 600km north of Stockholm. The Norrland covers about 60% of the country and is divided into nine different provinces.We live in the Västerbotten province which is best known for it’s famous Västerbotten cheese and has a population of about 263,000 people. Umeå is the capital city and largest northern city which was founded in 1622.


Västerbotten: coat of arms.

Umeå is known as the ‘City of Birches’ and for good reason. In 1888 a horrific fire destroyed the city, leaving many people homeless. In the midst of rebuilding the city, it was decided that every main avenue would be lined with birch trees, to help prevent any future fires from spreading. Though the birch trees were planted strictly for strategy purposes, they add personality to the streets of Umeå.

Seasons of Sweden:





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