Food, Friends & Prostitutes. (Pt 2)

Day TWO: we headed for the free ferry that would take us to Amsterdam Noord. Amsterdam Noord is a district of Amsterdam, north of the IJ lake, which separates central Amsterdam and the rest of the city. The ferry accommodates pedestrians, cyclists, and mopeds. These ferries run every few minutes during the day and less frequently in the evening.


Amsterdam North (Noord) is a trendy artistic/industrial district and registers as a must see while visiting Amsterdam. During the late 1300s, this district was used as a tolling station for passing ships then until the 1980s it was Amsterdams ship yard. Nowadays, this district is a creative haven for artists of all kinds and where they have their warehouse studios, trendy offices or exhibition events.


Noorderlicht Cafe

We had lunch at the eclectic restaurant cafe, Noorderlicht ( 




Noorderlicht Cafe patio view Pllek Restaurant.  Pllek ( is a hip restaurant/event venue. Coolest part? It’s built out of storage containers.







Amsterdam Noord offers an array of art and food!






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