Midsummer 2015

Midsummer eve is a national holiday that is always a Friday between the 19 and 25 of June. Living in the north of Sweden, I was lucky enough to celebrate a traditional Midsummer at a friends cabin in the country side. Following tradition, we started by picking flowers for our flower crowns, and then organizing greenery/flowers to decorate the maypole which is all a main component in the Midsummer celebrations! Legend has it that Midsummer is a magical time for love and before going to bed, girls are supposed to pick seven different types of flowers and place them under their pillow in hopes that their future husband will appear in their dreams.

Followed by playing fun, creative and interactive games, all twelve of us sat down and enjoyed a delicious dinner with no lack of booze (schnapps), meat and pickled herring.

Dinner finished and, of course, we enjoyed fika and sweets. Before dinner, the maypole was raised and I found myself admiring it throughout dinner. Once it was time to dance and sing around the maypole, we had had our fair share of homemade schnapps shots, which heightened our dancing and singing abilities.

Midsummer is the time of year when Swedes welcome summer with open arms and say goodbye to the cold months of winter. As the longest day of the year, the sun only sets to hit the horizon and quickly rise again. With the sun still up at 2am and once we had topped up our drinks, we changed and piled into the sauna. For the rest of the early morning we repeatedly ran from sauna to sea- sea to sauna.

Here I am taking a dip at 2am on Midsummer!

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